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SO… I got Covid on a camping trip! But, that's not all that happened!

There were many brazen raccoons in the campground. Some of the more brazen ones stole my backpack, with my wallet and cellphone in it. Then they jumped down into a steep-sided ravine, with poison oak growing in the bottom … at night! Two brave souls went down to try to find my pack; but, no such luck!!

The next day we suited up and went down to hopefully find it. Fortunately, my friend did, with the cellphone and wallet intact, still in zippered pockets. (I’m not sure I believe the line about raccoons being able to unzip zippers.) So, now I have my backpack back and only a mild case of poison oak here and there. That’s good, because I am highly sensitive to it!

In the meantime, on my way home from camping, I started to get a headache and neck-ache. I could feel tension in my neck, so figured it was just a tension neck/headache. No such luck. By the time I got home at 1:30, I felt strong fatigue. I slept until 10 am the next morning. I knew it was more than a tension neck and headache!

I tried to find a Covid test, but Kaiser in Martinez wasn’t open for testing. As the local testing site indicated they would bill for it, I didn't want to deal with Kaiser and some huge, unnecessary bill. Fortunately, my neighbor had some test kits his wife used at work. I came up positive, very quickly. So, that started 5 days of quarantine followed by 5 days of wearing a mask everywhere. On the 10th day I tested negative – Yay!!

What was my impression of Covid overall? It was pretty mild for me, but I know people seem to all have different symptoms and different experiences. I thought I would give you some suggestions to help you deal with any symptoms you may be experiencing with your bout of Covid.

Cough: I had a cough for the first day, but I used a few doses of Ligusticum (Osha) tincture and that went away, thankfully. It was pretty intense!

Neck and headache: Mine was a tension headache, so, massage helped a lot. You might take some magnesium, if you don’t normally take it, or, increase it, if you do normally take it. (400-800 mg +)

Shortness of breath, lung afflictions: Cordyceps is pretty specific for lung afflictions. It is a caterpillar fungus. Ligusticum and Mullein, are also helpful, generally, for lung afflictions.

Fatigue: The best remedy for fatigue I know of, is Gelsemium 30C homeopathic. If you are feeling dull, drowsy, dopey and droopy, this is the medicine for you! Otherwise, it might be worth a shot, but probably won’t be the right remedy. Try 3 pellets once a day, or more, for a few days.

Body aches: Another great flu remedy, is Eupatorium perfoliatum, or boneset, homeopathic. Try, again, 3 pellets of the 30 C potency, once a day, or more, for a few days.

Dry mucous membranes: I experienced these from 4-6 am – strange timing! Try Elderberry tincture or extract. It is very anti-viral.

Skin rash: Vitamins A and D as ointment, or cream. Also, vitamins C, E and K might be helpful.

General anti-viral support: Andrographis, Echinacea, St. John’s Wort, Thuja and Elderberry are especially anti-viral.

Good luck! May your bout of Covid be mild and short lived!!

Have a wonderful summer!!

Dr. Ellen

If you need assistance with Covid symptoms, or other conditions, please don’t hesitate to phone (925-603-7300).

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