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Office Policy

To make an appointment as a New Patient
  1. Download and complete a New Patient Intake form.

  2. Mail (please phone for address) or drop off completed form, along with the following items to the doctor's office, or bring all items to appointment.

  3. Call to set up an appointment time understanding cancellations are accepted up until 24 hours before scheduled date of appointment.

  4. Missed appointments will be charged half the regular fee.

What to bring to the office with you for the first visit: 
  1. Copies of all relevant lab reports and x-rays from the past 3 years, if available.

  2. Download Diet Diary Instruction and fill out Diet Diary Form covering as much time as possible.

  3. A chronology of your life from birth to present time – don’t panic – you will go over it with the doctor, but thinking about it helps.

  4. Bottles/labels of supplements you are currently taking, and the names/dosages of medications.

Phone Messages and Consultations

I accept voicemail messages from established patients with relatively more important questions. Please save general questions and concerns of a non-urgent nature for the next follow up appointment. Calls will be returned generally on the same day unless I am on an urgent call or out of town. Please call 911 or visit the emergency room if you have a medical emergency. I do not currently have hospital privileges. I actually work to keep patients out of the hospital by helping them maintain good health – the essence of prevention.


Phone Consultations

Phone consultations of less than 5 minutes are free, otherwise they are charged according to the fee schedule. Prospective patients may receive a free 15 minute phone or office interview to determine compatibility on a personal and professional level.


How Phone Consultations Work
  1. An appointment time is arranged via email, text or phone.

  2. Beforehand, download, print and fill out the patient intake form and text (925-603-7300) or mail to the office (please phone 925-603-7300 for address)

  3. You will be called at the pre-arranged appointment time. Standard rates for the initial office visit apply. Payment can be made by:

  • credit card payment prior to or at the time of the appointment, or,

  • personal check, mailed in advance.

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