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Fees for Services

Prospective patients may receive a free 15 minute phone or office interview to determine compatibility with the doctor on a personal and professional level.


  • New Patient Functional Medical consult: (1.5 hours): $150;
        follow-up (1 hour): $105, or by time if less than an hour

  • Homeopathic case, constitutional: (1.5 hours plus) $175;
        follow-up (30 minutes plus) $65

  • Homeopathic case, acute: (20-25 minutes) $55;
        follow-up (5-10 minutes) $20

  • Office visit or phone consult 45 minutes: $85

  • Office visit or phone consult 30 minutes: $65

  • Home visit (within 20 miles) - $50 plus the cost of the visit;
        20-50 miles - $75 plus the cost of the visit

  • Acute illness/phone consultation: 15 minutes: $35

  • Chiropractic exam: $55

  • Adjustments by number of segments adjusted $49-69

  • Massage (see FAQ’s): area $35 and up; $125
        (or 10 sessions for $997) for whole body, deep tissue

  • Somatics (see FAQ’s): $39


Note: Services are bundled so that receiving more services makes
each individual service less expensive


Dear Ellen,

..., I enjoy the varied articles in our newsletter, and your February article on Dr. Peter D’Adamo’s book Eat Right for Your Type was great.

My husband bought the book... [and] lost 50 pounds, gave up his medications (gout, blood pressure, asthma), his digestive problems cleared up, his blood pressure is normal for the 1st time in his life, and he’s a happy man who’s a joy to be around! Wow!


My sister and I changed our diets as well and our good health got even better...

Karen S.

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