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What is a Health Savings Account?

Over 2 million people have established their own health savings account plans since Jan. 1, 2004 (when the old medical savings accounts became known as health savings accounts). The main reason people switch to an HSA is the huge premium savings realized by switching to a high deductible health plan that is required (under IRS regs) for an HSA plan. Of course, special tax advantages are also a welcome benefit.


Establishing a health savings account plan involves a 2-step process:1. Become insured under a high deductible health plan that is qualified to work with an HSA plan, then2. Open and begin funding the actual savings account (step 1 comes first, by law).Recommend course of action: Surf our site and learn about HSA plans. It's actually a simple concept (if you feel overwhelmed, you may be "overthinking" the process). Be sure to get quotes for your own personalized plan -- it's actually better to do this sooner rather than later, because the actual savings you can realize usually becomes the deciding factor on whether the HSA makes sense for you. Our agency can help you find the most competitive high deductible health plans from several A-rated insurers. We also help set up your HSA account at one of several leading financial institutions. Truly, one-stop shopping for a health savings account plan! (from

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